Sodium chloride, usually known as table salt, is an important mineral in the human body. For many it is only an ingredient in the kitchen, but the reality is that salt gives life and health, but many times the palate gets so used to salt that it is the proportions consumed are more than necessary.

The salt is ionic, which means that it contains both positive sodium and chloride negative particles, these are not linked together, are joined by electrostatic forces, which attract each other and bind, this makes the operation in The human body is feasible.

A moderate and adequate consumption of salt, contains great advantages in the human body. It is an important component in body fluids. Electrolytes transmit electrical signals to the nerves which helps muscle relaxation and provides the absorption of nutrients in the cells.


Salt is mainly responsible for maintaining the balance of liquids, sodium and chloride prevent excessive loss of salts and liquids; when the kidneys filter the blood what causes sodium and chloride to be lost in the urine and what they do is return it to the blood. Sodium can be used to maintain load differentials through each cell membrane.

  The cells are negatively charged inside, as there is more sodium outside than inside and their sodium particles are positively charged. We call this resting membrane potential. It transmits the communication between membranes.

An important point is that although the body needs salt, it is not good to increase its consumption in the daily diet. The most common is that people consume more salt than their body needs and that is why there are many cardiovascular diseases. That is why we should know that salt should be consumed moderately.


Heat stroke remedy: The common problem of heat stroke could also be attributed to a loss of water and salt by the body. Because of this, our body ends up being unable to maintain normal temperature, because of continuous exposure to temperatures that could be very high for us. On this occasion, sodium could help prevent sunstroke. It is recommended to drink liquids that contain salt and sugar to provide relief from heat stroke.
Against muscle cramps: Muscle cramps are commonly caused due to electrolyte imbalance dehydration and become very common in the summer months. In this case, sodium becomes the main responsible for muscle contraction and hydration. Juices and fluids rich in sodium help restore the amount of electrolyte.
Healthy heart condition: It is important to know that sodium plays a vital role in the proper maintenance and regulation of human body blood pressure. A high sodium content, however, could lead to high blood pressure.
Benefits for the skin: In addition to the various health benefits of sodium chloride, it also plays an important role in skin care. Sodium has anti-aging properties. Therefore, it becomes an active ingredient in a range of skin products.