The applications and uses of sodium chloride can be found in many fields, we present the ways of using salt (NaCl).

Sodium chloride, known as salt, table salt or common salt, is normally used as a kitchen or food product. But many do not know that apart from being used in the kitchen, it is also used for various applications: one of them is the manufacture of paper, detergents and many products for cleaning the bathroom.

Salt is used as a food product and we all know that, but also as a domestic, medicinal and commercial product.


Food preservative: This type of use has been used for many years, although today many products that preserve food are sold, salt is an excellent preservative of cheeses, meats, sausages and sauces.

Thaw: It has the power to decrease the melting of ice, which is why in large snowstorms, salt is thrown on the snow to decrease ice on the roads.

Cleaning: It helps to clean the home, salt helps reduce stains only by rubbing a little wet salt on the affected clothing. In addition, it is an ingredient in products such as soap, detergent and shampoo.


Chlorine: Sodium chloride goes through an electrolysis process and so chlorine is created, a product that is used to create PVC and different pesticides.

Tanning: Sodium chloride is used in leather tanning. The skins of the animals that are used there are cured with salt, this helps eliminate moisture; It also helps protect the skin and prevents bacteria from being born or growing.

Fire extinguisher: helps eliminate fires caused by burning metals: aluminum, potassium and magnesium. It is able to quell the fire.

Textiles: It is used for dyeing, it is responsible for fixing the colors in the dyes and a fabric coloring, it is a medium that fixes the colors.


Intravenous saline solution: Salt increases the pressure in the arteries, so it helps people who have low blood pressure. They are used to treat dehydration, diarrhea and others.

Ophthalmic ointment: Sodium chloride helps for inflation in the cornea of the eye, although it must be used with great care, as it sometimes has side effects.

Tablets: these are used when there is dehydration in the body or excessive sweating, that is, the body loses salt and must gain a little.


It is used in cooking and as a preservative in food cans.

Improve the color of canned food, ferment …

Sea salt is used to maintain blood sugar levels.

Salt water can serve as a mouthwash, helps prevent mouth sores and heal them.

Salt with warm water helps to massage the feet and against fatigue.


Salt and its use as a currency: Sodium chloride would have been so important and essential in ancient times that this mineral would even be used as the currency with which workers would be paid in the past. Even the Spanish word for “salary” comes from the Latin ‘salarium’, which in turn comes from ‘salt’.

For milk and coffee: It is well known that if you use a minimum pinch of salt for milk, you will help it stay for a little longer. Also if you add a little salt to coffee, you can enhance the flavor of it.

A curious fact for the kitchen, if you prepare the eggs in water with a little salt, this will allow you to break down, the inside of the eggs does not spill. In addition, with this technique, you can remove the shell more easily.

Among other curious uses that we can mention, if you like to keep your glassware bright, you can wash them with hot water and a pinch of salt, then rinse them well with cold water and you will get a transparent and new glassware.

It is also important to mention that mistakenly, sodium chloride is usually confused with magnesium chloride for weight loss.